Are INTPs useless in everyday life?

That isn't something I want to globalise I just want your opinion.

To give you the context, I've been told more that I'm useless in everyday life than I'm useful. And it is probably true to some extent. I know bunch of info, I can go anywhere without being completely lost, I can help with basic stuff (such as vacuum cleaning). But when it comes to actually doing something I'm like some kind of alien who has never seen rake or screwdriver. Yes, I could blame it on every family member being sensor but it feels bad knowing that my father was really handy and he could do basically anything he intended. And me? I can be proud for even cutting the damn grass.

I can solve problems and advanced tasks but I'm numb when it comes to really basic things. That wouldn't be that worrying if my gf (actually an intuitive) has once accidentally told me the same. Even though she has apologised and comforted me, I still can't forget. When I try to be useful in basic things I tend to ridicule myself. eg.: Task: Put the sausage on the plate. Outcome: It slides on the plate and ends up on the ground. Task: Butter the bread. Outcome: It isn't buttered enough (the edges are dry). Ect.

Anyone can relate? What would you suggest me to do? Am I sentenced to have "both hands left"?

Original post here [++] Touch here for the full post on INTP tumblr


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